Conjugating Regular Verbs

Conjugating Regular verbs

To conjugate means to give the different forms of a verb depending on the subject. English only has two regular conjugations in the present tense, no ending and -s ending (I, you, we, they run vs. he/she/it runs). Refer back to the subject pronouns and the conjugations of to be and to have. The following table is in the same format. To form regular verbs in German, take off the -en ending and add these endings:

-e -en
-st -t
-t -en

Regular Verbs

kaufen-to buy

arbeiten-to work

sitzen-to sit

helfen-to help

stehen-to stand

lernen-to learn

sagen-to say

rufen-to call

liegen-to lay

lehren-to teach

gehen-to go

stecken-to put

fragen-to ask

finden-to find

machen-to make

denken-to think

kommen-to come

glauben-to believe, think

schwimmen-to swim

wünschen-to wish, desire

tanzen-to dance

essen-to eat

beginnen-to begin

trinken-to drink

reisen-to travel

singen-to sing

studieren-to study

fischen-to fish

rauchen-to smoke

sparen-to save (money)

erzählen-to tell

trennen-to separate

bekommen-to get

versprechen-to promise

besuchen-to visit

passieren-to happen

bleiben-to remain, stay

verdienen-to earn (money)

brauchen-to need

verstehen-to understand

fliegen-to fly

gewinnen-to win

suchen-to look for

verlieren-to lose

schreiben-to write

benutzen-to use

laufen-to run

erlauben-to permit

lieben-to love

rennen-to run

dauern-to last

schlafen-to sleep

antworten-to answer

treffen-to meet

bezahlen-to pay for

ziehen-to move

entdecken-to discover

sehen-to see

erfinden-to invent

vergessen-to forget

ergänzen-to complete

waschen-to wash

warten-to wait

kennen-to know (people)

wischen-to wipe

winken-to wave

English has three ways of expressing the present tense, such as
I run,
I am running,
I do run.

All three of these tenses are translated as one tense in German (ich laufe.) However, you can add gerade after the verb to indicate the progressive form. Ich mache meine Hausaufgaben can be translated as I do my homework or I'm doing my homework. Ich mache gerade meine Hausaufgaben is translated as I'm doing my homework.

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