German Language Alphabets & Pronunciation

Alphabets & Pronunciation


German letter English sound
a ah, as in father
ä ahh, as in fat
e eh
i ee or ih
o oh
ö eh, but with rounded lips
u oo
ü ee, but with rounded lips
b b, but p at end of syllable
d d, but t at end of syllable
g g, but k at end of syllable
ch guttural, doesn't exist in English
au ow, as in "cow"
ei eye
eu, äu oy
ie ee
j y
qu kv
s z or ss at end of word
ß ss
sp shp (at beginning of word)
st sht
sch sh
th t
v f
w v
z ts


a ah j yoht s ess
b bay k kah t tay
c tsay l el u oo
d day m em v fow
e ay n en w vay
f eff o oh x eeks
g gay p pay y irp-se-lon
h hah q koo z tset
i ee r ehr

Note: ß isn't said when reciting the alphabet. It's actually a double s. Some people will write it ss instead of ß.

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